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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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  • As a Belfast city councilor who has made it clear I support the fish farm proposal because I do not believe it will harm the bay and that we have more than enough water, it has meant I’ve been witness to a lot of incivility
  • According to a June 29 Bangor Daily News article, the aquaculture company Whole Oceans is seeking a 70-percent reduction in property taxes for its Bucksport land-based fish farm. If Nordic Aquafarms were to seek a similar tax reduction for its proposed land-based fish farm in Belfast, it would cost Belfast taxpayers dearly.
  • I understand the president has also been floating the idea for a life-time appointment for himself to his office. That should make the clean-election supporters quite pleased as it would surely and effectively take the big money out of presidential elections, for good
  • I’m sure many of the readers of this letter will remember me from my nine years on the Rockport Select Board
  • Mistreating children is not a political matter. Without clean water, bathrooms, diapers for babies, dirty mats on cement floors, medical attention, clean combs, in cages — punished for crying by taking away their mats
  • I had the chance to watch the pre- and post-mainstream media’s (MSM) (CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS) reporting on President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” Independence Day event
  • When I was young, I was fearless and frightened

    curious and unconcerned, there was order and safety
  • When the sperm meets the egg and fertilization happens, a gift from God is created to be protected at all costs
  • In her letter of June 20, “Bring back the draft,” Anne Mullen suggests a return to the draft system as an assurance of each citizen’s commitment to our country
  • This is a response to a letter published in your July 4 issue.
  • The last year has shown a 29-percent increase, but now CMP claims to be raising it by 2.21 percent. Which do I believe?
  • Recent letters and articles in the Republican Journal are very disheartening to me. How sad in our small community that we are seeing more and more homeless youth, a soup kitchen that needs to expand, and a thank-you from teachers ...
  • On Saturday, June 22, the newest Arleigh Burke Aegis destroyer was christened at the General Dynamics Defense Plant at Bath Iron Works. I was one of 22 people arrested that morning for blocking a public way as people ...
  • Democrats on the debate stage 100 percent support free health care for any migrant....
  • There is nothing funny about Joe March’s remarks regarding his “interview” techniques that he learned at Guantanamo. I find it appalling that he could joke about men and boys locked up for decades without any charges filed ...
  • On behalf of the Friends of the Rockland Public Library (FRPL) I would like to thank the many people who contributed to the success of our annual Rockland Public Library Book, Plant, and Bake Sale, held on June 13. This year ...
  • Thank goodness! Someone of character has denied the hatred of the new left....
  • Ms. Matlack is to be congratulated and thanked by all of us for her efforts to provide the kind of support that makes a second chance a reality for those who are willing to work for it. How disappointing that her neighbors are ...
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Coastal Family Hospice Volunteers, including the group of 20 that graduated this past May. It is heartwarming to realize that our fellow midcoast residents embrace this call and commitment ...
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