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Click above to see and hear our sketch and jingle at the April 9, 2022, A New Vaudeville Revue performance in Belfast, Maine.

Owls Head Transportation Museum last week went public with a $9.75 million fundraising campaign and plans to give the 40-year-old facility a major update. Like the best objects in the museum’s collection, the plan includes an aerodynamic flourish up front and numerous fine tunings under the hood that the museum staff and trustees hope will appeal to an audience beyond the hardcore car and plane enthusiasts.

Also in this issue, political columnist Michael G. Roskin considers examples of corruption, past and present and spares a few words for China’s President Xi. Eva Murray shares a visit with a 98-year-old resident of her home island of Matinicus. And garden columnist Georgeanne Davis suggests that, while it might seem like a perfect time to kick back in the hammock and enjoy the fruits of your labor, it pays to remain at least a little vigilant at the end of summer.