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Click above to see and hear our sketch and jingle at the April 9, 2022, A New Vaudeville Revue performance in Belfast, Maine.

Christmastime in Sweden would be familiar to Americans in shades, whether it’s the snow, the red-capped Santa-like gnome, Tomten, or Kalle Anka the cartoon waterfowl, known stateside as Donald Duck, who is weirdly popular with Swedes around the holiday. Free Press contributing writer David Butwin took it all in during a trip in 1996, and he takes us along for the ride in this week’s cover story.
Also in this issue, HiLo Art returns with a visit to a new retrospective of paintings by Belfast artist David Estey. 
Michael G. Roskin curls up with a new biography of Abraham Lincoln to see what the tall man’s time can tell us about the present day fracturing of the union. 
Looking for something else to read? We’ve included short reviews of 10 noteworthy new books coming out this December and a couple more standouts, including a history of measuring things.