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Have you had an unintended or unsafe pregnancy? The Free Press wants to hear your story. What were the circumstances? What did you do, and how did you decide? How do you feel about it now? If you had an abortion, did you already have children at the time, or did you have children later?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 45% of women who became pregnant in 2011 (the most recent year reported) were not trying to have a baby. It’s something that’s happened to many of us, but outside of the debate over the legality of abortion, we rarely talk about it.

This call for submissions is open to women, men, nonbinary and transgender people who live in Knox, Lincoln or Waldo counties. Partner submissions must be accompanied by permission from the person who was pregnant, provided to The Free Press prior to publication.

Submissions must be received by noon on Wednesday, July 13. Stories will be published with first name and town of residence. We will provide additional anonymity on request. Any unpublished information will remain confidential. We will not be accepting letters in future editions that comment on personal details of the stories or otherwise judge them. Please keep submissions under 500 words and email them, or any questions you have, to:

We look forward to hearing your story.