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Saturday, October 22, 2016
Thursday, October 13, 2016 11:14 AM
Mason is going to be Chase from Paw Patrol for Halloween and now that his mom has a low-income housing voucher it is looking good that they will be in a place of their own come Trick or Treat time. Katie and her 4-year-old . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Jen
    “My furniture is kind of broken but, so far, I have a roof over my head,” says Jen, seven months after moving out of the Hospitality House homeless shelter and into her own apartment. “It definitely feels good to have . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Lorry
    “All we need is a sterile place to lay so we can get our surgeries,” says Lorry. “I have two growths in my neck and because of them I’m losing my teeth. They’re just falling out,” she says. Lester has a broken back and . . ."
  • Faces of Our Homeless: Sharon, September 9, 2016
    Vacation is over for the families who filled the Union campground all summer with grilling and splashing and laughter, and now it is pretty much just Sharon, her 34-year-old son Patrick, and Brady, their Pomeranian . . .
  • Faces of Our Homeless by Patrisha McLean: Hanna
    “Losing Hanna,” says Jocelynne, 25, about her greatest fear about living in a tent when she had run out of couch-surfing options. “It’s OK to camp with a child but there’s no running water and I wouldn’t have wanted to subject her . . .